Jeffree Star Shuts Down Kanye West Dating Rumours

Amidst divorce rumors, Kanye West is rumored to have an affair with Jeffree Star.

The internet went wild after YouTuber Jeffree Star tweeted, “I’m ready for Sunday Service.”


Rumors started swirling that the ‘Closed on Sunday’ rapper had an affair with Star. The bizarre claims started trending on Twitter as fans reacted. The fact Kanye has been laying low at his ranch in Wyoming, where Jeffree Star recently moved to, had some fans convinced the allegations were true.

A TikTok video claimed that the rumor about Kanye and Star had been circulating “for months.” The TikTok was allegedly created by an internet troll, Ava Louise, and went viral.  She noted she didn’t have “concrete evidence” but claimed it was the reason Kim and Kanye are getting a divorce.YouTube personality Keemstar asked Star about the rumor, Star said, “I’m having the best time in Wyoming, come visit sometime!”

However, it looks like Jeffree is shocked at the allegations. The beauty influencer took to Twitter to address the issue. In a thread of tweets, Star tweeted,

“We are 6 days into the new year and 2021 needs to chill the f*ck out.”

He even tweeted about Wendy Williams’s allegations on her ‘Hot Topics’ segment of her show. Fed up, Jeffree shared a YouTube video on Twitter which he captioned:


“NEW VIDEO ALERT! Addressing the Kanye situation and the truth about my move to Wyoming.”

In the video he says, “I’m single … I’m not sleeping with anyone.’ Jeffree added, “This is so weird … this is so stupid. Let me just say this one time … I like very tall men. I and Kanye have never hung out, and this whole thing is really funny.”

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