Jerry Mofokeng Slay QueensScandal Star Jerry Mofokeng Blasts TV's 'Slay Queen' Epidemic [Image: dr_jerry_official/Instagram]

Veteran Scandal actor Jerry Mofokeng has launched a scathing critique against South African TV producers for their continued practice of hiring “slay queens”.

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He initially shared his impassioned remarks during the South African Film & Television Awards (SAFTAs) event and later expanded them in a detailed post on his Instagram account.


Scandal Wins Big At The SAFTAs

At the SAFTAs ceremony, Scandal achieved significant recognition, including awards for Most Popular TV Soap/Telenovela and Best TV Soap. Additionally, Melusi Mbele, the actor behind the character Jojo Kubeka, secured the prestigious Best Actor in A TV Soap accolade.


Jerry Mofokeng Slams Rampant Slay Queens In The Industry

In the wake of these achievements, Jerry Mofokeng, renowned for portraying Neo Mogkethi in the series, seized the opportunity to express his deep-seated frustrations about the current state of the acting industry.


Jerry Mofokeng Slay Queens
Scandal Star’s Jerry Mofokeng Blasts TV’s ‘Slay Queens’ Epidemic [Image: dr_jerry_official/Instagram]


Mofokeng did not mince words as he admonished television directors and producers, urging them to prioritise casting trained actors over models and social media influencers. His argument centres around the belief that the industry should value talent, skill, and professionalism above all else.

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The actor further elucidated his concerns about the prevalence of “slay queens” in the industry, individuals whom he perceives as lacking the necessary talent and professionalism for acting roles. He shared anecdotes that painted a troubling picture of the challenges faced on set due to the presence of these individuals.

“You get on set ready to rehearse. The influencer arrives 2 hours late, and it’s no issue. They saunter into the dressing room, and then the makeup artists have to work around the phone that is glued to their hand. They finally get on set, and the director has to be careful not to cross them. The producers and the channel must always be happy. The scene is blocked, and you feature prominently when they are not in a close-up.

“Then the cherry on the cake is when you are told to tone down your acting because you are not number 1 on the call sheet. You dare not upstage or upset the ‘Lead’. This is not an exaggeration. Acting is like playing a tennis game. It’s a give-and-take. The more you give to your fellow actors, the more they give you – the more you challenge each other. Then the magic happens. It’s painful to play against a wall.”

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