Jobless Gaddafi Asks For His Job Back

Gaddafi Jobless As Queen Sono

Jobless Gaddafi Asks For His Job Back

It seems prolific actor Vuyo Dabula who’s affectionately known as Kumkani ‘Gaddafi’ Phakade on Generations: The Legacy shot himself in the foot when he chose Queen Sono over Generations.

Jobless Gaddafi

Dabula was apparently asked by the producers to choose between Generations The Legacy and the now-canceled show; Queen Sono 2 and he chose the latter, which has now backfired on him.

When Netflix confirmed that Queen Sono 2 wouldn’t be renewed Dabula apparently changed his mind about leaving Generations The Legacy.

A source on Generations said: “He was about to shoot season 2 of Queen Sono, but following the announcement that the show wouldn’t be renewed, he suddenly had a change of heart.”

Dabula has apparently now backtracked on his request to exit the show but producers of Mzansi’s second most show wouldn’t hear of it.

Producers apparently found it challenging to write him out of the exit when he officially resigned.

A source on the show revealed: “It was a nightmare having to scramble an exit story for him because he’s one of the principal cast members. Planning his exit scenes wasn’t easy because he’d been written into season 7, which started last month.”

Sources on the show also claim that producers are still going ahead with his exit and have not changed their minds.

Jobless Gaddafi
Jobless Gaddafi Asks For His Job Back

Another source said: “As far as I’m aware, he’s still leaving the show. Everything has been concluded for his exit, so there’s no turning back.”

Dabula joined Generations The Legacy after the previous 16 cast members were fired from Generations by the show’s creator; Mfundi Vundla. His career took off when he joined the show.

Jobless Gaddafi

Nandipha Pantsi who is the show’s publicity manager stated: “I can confirm that Vuyo Dabula asked to be released from his contract. However, I don’t know anything about the rumours. “

When Vuyo was apparently contacted about his exit from the show he said: “I’m not leaving the show.”


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