Jub Jub PrisonJub Jub Reveals He Does Not Regret Going To Prison [Image: Showmax Stories]

Television presenter and rapper Jub Jub has revealed that he does not regret going to prison after his 2012 conviction.

Molemo Katleho “Jub Jub,” Maarohanye said this in the latest episode of Showmax’s “Unfollowed.” In 2012, Jub Jub and his buddy, Themba Tshabalala, were convicted of murder after ramming into a group of schoolchildren while drag racing in Soweto in 2010. They killed four pupils, and two others suffered severe brain injuries.


Jub Jub Speaks Of His Time In Prison

During the interview, Thembekile Mrototo probed about how Jub Jub managed to weave back into the public eye after his infamous car incident. Maarohanye expressed that it was challenging to comment on the incident “out of respect for the families that lost their kids.”

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Jub Jub Prison
Jub Jub Reveals He Does Not Regret Going To Prison [Image: Showmax Stories]


He explained that his life changed dramatically after his imprisonment:

“Everything was taken away in the blink of an eye following the accident. The accident lingers as my darkest day. A good part of me died as well. When you find yourself alone, you just remember, you try to sleep, you see visions. You try to move on with your life [but then] you are reminded.”

Jub Jub credits his time in prison with making him a better person:

“Prison is the only place that actually forced me to be alone, to reconnect with God, amadlozi (ancestors). Because of the life that I was living, man, I had no time for what my ancestors wanted me to do. I had no time for God. I regret all my actions,  the accident, but  I don’t regret going to prison because that’s where I learnt life lessons that I learned.:


The Lingering Rape Allegations

Recently, Jub Jub has been under fire over the multiple rape cases involving well-known personalities.

Jub Jub is out on bail and is facing serious legal charges, including three counts of rape, two counts of attempted murder, and one count of assault, brought by four different accusers. Several high-profile women, including Amanda du-Pont, Kelly Khumalo, Masechaba Khumalo, and even Jub Jub’s cousin, publicly accused him of violent sexual misconduct.

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