Kenneth Mashaba Makes A Grand Entrance On The River Soiling Lindiwe’s Birthday

Kenneth Mashaba

Kenneth Mashaba Makes A Grand Entrance On The River Soiling Lindiwe’s Birthday

Kenneth Mashaba is back in town you guys!

Okay, so we know his name is neither Kenneth Mashaba in real life, nor on his new role on The River, but hey, he made the role famous!

Actor Seputla Sebogodi is amazing at all his TV roles, that he manages to become the character embodiment itself.

Kenneth Mashaba

The actor is well known for his role on pre-reboot Generations, as the diabolical businessman, Kenneth Mashaba, who basically ruined everybody’s life.

Seputla Sebogodi made his debut on Mzansi Magic’s The River, as the villainous, Mohumi Ditshewene, a ghost from Lindiwe’s past, who has come to collect.

When he first popped up onscreen wielding a gun, I was thinking, here comes Kenneth Mashaba, it’s like a really good, villain crossover episode, except, Mohumi seems like he’s going to be in town for a while.

So let’s get into it.

So the Dikana family put together a good surprise birthday party for their matriarch, Lindiwe, after a week of planning, they sent her away for a pampering session, so they could get everything together.

Well, except they were the ones who were surprised in the end, because what might have started out as a birthday surprise, quickly escalated into a hostage situation.

Mohumi and his henchmen walked in and pointed guns at everyone and delivered the finest hour of television.

Kenneth Mashaba

We have to say Seputla Sebogodi knows how to make a grand entrance, from the evil laugh to the trash-talking, he made the rest of them look mundane.

Mohumi Ditshewene has a long and ugly past with Lindiwe.

He used to work at Khanyisa Diamonds once upon a time, he was Thato Mokena’s friend and grew up with Lindiwe.

Mohumi’s fall from grace was caused by Lindiwe and the mine also closed as a result of salary disputes, with Mohumi taking on an aggressive activist role.

Long story short, Mohumi ended up going to prison after Lindiwe framed him for being a terrorist, who wanted to blow her up and everyone at the mine.

Mohumi served ten hard years, before being released from prison, which means he’s not playing, he wants to settle a score.

Twitter seems to have tuned in the episode as well and we’re glad we’re not the only ones who referred to Seputla Sebogodi as Kenneth Mashaba.

Here are some of the comments from Twitter

“I just knew that nothing good would have came out of Tumi. But Kenneth Mashaba’s acting is King though”

“I’m very happy to see Kenneth Mashaba on my screen”

“This is it, FINALLY, AN EPISODE WORTH IT, can Kenneth Mashaba plz hold them hostage for the whole of December!”

“Bathong Mohumi unexpectedly cracked me up Seputla aka Kenneth Mashaba is still hilarious – that was a fun episode”

Our eyes are on Mohumi!


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