Khanyi Mbau Requests A Lift On Alcohol Ban

Khanyi Mbau On Alcohol Ban

Khanyi Mbau Requests A Lift On Alcohol Ban

Media personality and reality TV star, Khanyi Mbau is heartbroken over the effects of the recent liquor ban in South Africa and she thinks the government should revisit the ban as it has destroyed so many lives.

This comes after the South African government recently announced new Covid-19 restrictions that included a ban on booze as cases of the virus spiralled across the country.

For the first time in history – after the booze ban, Chris Baragwanath hospital reported zero new trauma patients on new year’s eve.

And Khanyi Mbau is happy about that. But she is worried about the future of the liquor industry and the effects on her newly founded liquor company – I Am Khanyi.

Khanyi ventured into the alcohol industry quite recently but sue to Covid-9 lockdown, she was forced to shut down shop.

In a lengthy Twitter post, she lamented the booze ban as those in the industry were slowly losing their livelihoods.

“So, I have been on social media and I learnt that there are reports of zero trauma cases on New Year’s Eve. This means the trauma wards in public hospitals were empty.

That is great news. This means we have gotten to a point where we can celebrate New Year’s Eve without hurting ourselves or other people.

But, now the question is: was that because law enforcement was visible or that there was a strict curfew and no parties were allowed? I doubt that the ban of alcohol on the day the president addressed us made all the alcohol disappear; people had it in their homes,” she said.

Khanyi Mbau On Alcohol Ban

Khanyi Mbau also suggested that the government shouldn’t have totally shut down the industry.

“I feel like maybe we need to look at another strategy instead of banning it completely maybe we can have a few days open just to support the industry so people can live,” she added.

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