Khuli Chana’s Outfit Raises Eyebrows On Social Media

Rapper; Khuli Chana and his TV presenter and DJ wife; Lamiez Holworthy recently celebrated their 1 year anniversary and they’re growing stronger and stronger.

The DJ and TV presenter thanked Chana last year on her Instagram for sealing the deal by bringing a few cows to her family.

“On this day, a year ago- your uncles brought quite a few cows and the rest is history… Thank you for being my happy Wame, I wouldn’t want to do this life thing with anyone else. I’d choose you over and over again!!! Happy anniversary motho Wame- my ding! I love you like in the song.”

The two serve couple goals all the time whether they’re on holiday, celebrating, or simply going out for lunch. They wore matching outfits, had outdoor baths, dinner dates, and loads of champagne on Chana’s 38th birthday and Holworthy also showered her husband with expensive gifts such as a Jeep and topped it off with a baecation. 

This weekend Chana posted a picture that wasn’t well-received by some of his fans on social media.  The rapper was wearing a pink hat, tight jeans, a black top that had artwork that matched his pink hat, and blue shoes. His fans are wondering if the rapper is wearing his wife’s clothes or has gone soft since he got married.


He tweeted his cute picture with the status:” Happy 2021!!! Don’t look back…keep pushing forward.”

Khuli Chana's Outfit

A follower of the rapper sarcastically posted his picture on Facebook with the caption: “Pillar of strength ya Lamiez…Motswako.” 

Here are some reactions from the Facebook post:

“I started disliking that chick when I saw how she’s changing Khuli Chana, he needs to man up.”

“He must man up to Lamiez maan”


“What if he picked up this outfit himself?”

The Facebook post received more than 250 likes! 

Khuli Chana's Outfit

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