King Monada Dragged To Court By Baby Mama For Maintenance 

King Monada who is also known as the ‘King of Bolobedu Music’, has found himself once again making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

King Monada, who is no stranger to the finer possessions in life, was hit with a maintenance suit by his ex Sharon Masia after he purportedly refused to increase their child’s papgeld fee from an immaterial R500 to R1 200 per month.

Addressing news tabloids on Thursday, a disgruntled Sharon Masia said Monada had sired a child with her around 11 years ago after she met him when they were both still at high school. She further went on to describe how their relationship was short-lived following ‘family disputes’. King Monada’s baby mama also explained why she had requested a small increase in maintenance fees, stating,

“I was getting this fund when I was a student at the Tshwane University of Technology, but because I finished last year and I’m now unemployed, the amount he gives me is no longer enough to support our child.”

Masia, who lives a stone throw away from Monada’s chateau in Ga-Mokgoloboto town outside Tzaneen, said she contacted the Idibala hitmaker and requested that he increment the support cash to R1 200, however, he blatantly refused saying it is excessively over the top and he can’t manage the cost of it.

Upon his refusal, she approached the Ritavi judge’s court in Nkowankowa in March to open a support body of evidence against him.

“The court officials told us to come on April 19 and when we arrived, he told them that he could only afford R500 a month. They then told me to bring my bank statement and also told him to bring both his personal and business statements to compare our incomes at our second appearance on April 26.”

To her stun and shame, she said, Monada showed up with his legal team, who told court authorities that the artist, who rounded up a large sum of rands through gigs and sovereignties, could just bear the cost of R500 every month.

Monada could not be reached for comment.


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