Knives Out Between Bonang Matheba And Phil Mphela

Bonang Matheba And Phil Mphela At War Again

Businesswoman, Reality star, and TV presenter; Bonang Matheba and entertainment commentator; Phil Mphela is twaring again, this time over Phil’s opinion regarding actress; Busi Lurayi’s career.

It all started when Mphela tweeted his opinion about Netflix’s movie star; Busi Lurayi role in “How to ruin Christmas: The wedding.”

Phil tweeted: “These are the breakout actors of 2020:  Ama Qamata, TK Sebothoma, Busi Lurayi, Lunathi Mampofu.”

Tweeps corrected Mphela by saying that Busi who’s been in the industry for years isn’t a breakout actor. They reminded him of her previous major role on the SABC 1 comedy; City Topla and many more. Some tweeps even asked him to define the word breakout.

A tweep asked Mphela: “Please do not disrespect Busi Lurayi like this.”

Bonang Matheba And Phil Mphela

Moghel (Matheba) who doesn’t get along with Mphela responded to the tweet: “He’s disrespectful, always been.”

The beehives threw a few comments that threw Mphela under the bus. “Onagana gore ke tsibinki yena and he’s always right. WAGAFA!”

Tweeps also mentioned how rude Mphela is and how offended he gets when he gets corrected by anyone.

Mphela who apparently hasn’t talked or tweeted about Moghel since their last twar in 2018, started subbing Queen B. Then tweeps asked him to tag the BNG creator, and Mphela lost it by tweeting and tweeting and tweeting…

The last time the TL got this lit was when media personality; Bonang Matheba who is known for her calm demeanor, especially on social media, took on local entertainment commentator, Phil Mphela and dragged him in the streets of Twitterville two years ago.

It all started when Mphela decided to weigh in on Matheba’s R10m pending lawsuit against Sunday World following reports that she was allegedly due in the Johannesburg Specialised Commercial Crime Court for “tax fraud”.

Taking to Twitter, Mphela wrote: “My thoughts: Moghel should have just let this go. It’s tabloid and responding or suing only gives the story traction.

Bonang Matheba And Phil Mphela

“Furthermore, I don’t think it is wise for her to be waging a war with journos. Her influence is waning & she needs positive coverage to remain at the top.”

Bonang Matheba And Phil Mphela

Matheba responded: “Go f*** yourself! Honestly.”

And that was the beginning of the twar that kept the duo topping the trend list.


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