Lasizwe Flaunts New Bae

Lasizwe's New Boyfriend
Lasizwe's New Boyfriend

Lasizwe Flaunts New Bae

So, after all, it seems Lasizwe really wanted to be with someone despite claims he would often air saying he only wanted a situationship instead of a relationship.

Lasizwe seems to be having some fun and perhaps some love on the side.

The social media influencer recently raised some eyebrows with his latest snapshots with new Bae.

Lasizwe Flaunts New Bae
Lasizwe Flaunts New Bae

Lasizwe who seemed to be on a getaway posted a picture with a mysterious guy lying in bed.

In typical celeb style, he covered up the face of the guy, by making him face away from the camera so people wouldn’t see who he is.

Lasizwe then captioned the picture with

” This is how you post your bae” .

Lasizwe also posted pictures over the weekend with his new Bae, feeding each other strawberries and cream.

The social media influencer has always highlighted that he needed someone and he is a lonely guy.

Last month, Lasizwe revealed that he hasn’t seen any bedroom action in a long time.

He said that he was single, but he’s not looking for a serious relationship, he just wants some good old fun.

I have come to a conclusion that I want a situationship and not a relationship going forward

Basically, I am here for a good time not a long time because I excel with flying colours in a situationship and The best part is the trading hours set up that comes with a situationship

Lasizwe is known for being crazy like that, he once revealed that while he was in a relationship with his now ex-boyfriend Marcus, he also has several other side-dudes.

“I have other boyfriends, I have relationships but my boyfriend and I are good and he loves me”

Now it seems Lasizwe done got himself in an entanglement


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