Lorch And Pule Orlando Pirates Fans

Orlando Pirates Fans Cry: Coach Please Bring Back Lorch And Pule 

Bring Them Back! Lorch & Pule Deserve a Second Chance

South African football fans are united in their plea: “Bring them back! Lorch and Pule deserve a second chance!” The absence of these two talented players from the national team lineup has left many supporters scratching their heads and questioning the coaching decisions. In this article, we explore the frustrations of fans and the potential benefits of reintroducing Thembinkosi Lorch and Vincent Pule to the squad.

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The Missing Duo

Thembinkosi Lorch and Vincent Pule are not unfamiliar names to South African football enthusiasts. Both players have showcased their skills and versatility in the Premier Soccer League (PSL) and have, on occasion, dazzled fans with their performances in the national team jersey. However, their recent absence from the squad underlines a concerning trend that has baffled and frustrated supporters.

Coach’s Choices and Fan Frustrations

It’s no secret that national team coaches have the unenviable task of selecting a squad from a pool of talented players. However, the exclusion of Lorch and Pule from recent call-ups has left fans bewildered. The frustration has grown to the point where supporters are imploring someone, anyone, to talk to the coach and reconsider their omission.

Orlando Pirates Lorch And Pule 
Orlando Pirates Fans Cry: Coach Please Bring Back Lorch And Pule 

Fans argue that Thembinkosi Lorch and Vincent Pule bring unique qualities to the team. Lorch, known for his dribbling skills and ability to unlock stubborn defenses, has the potential to be a game-changer. Meanwhile, Pule’s speed, work rate, and versatility provide valuable options in attack and midfield.

The supporters have voiced their concerns on social media, forums, and even at stadiums during matches. They feel that these players, who have performed consistently well for their clubs, deserve a chance to represent their nation on the international stage.

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Reaping the Rewards

The call to bring Lorch and Pule back into the national team fold is not just about appeasing fans; it’s about improving the team’s chances of success. These players have proven themselves in high-pressure domestic competitions and could provide the creativity and flair that the squad may currently lack.

Furthermore, having a deep and diverse pool of talent is vital for long-term success. By including Lorch and Pule in the squad, the national team can foster competition among players, leading to improved performance from all. The selection of players should be based on form and merit, ensuring that the best representatives are on the pitch.


The chorus of “Bring them back! Lorch & Pule!” reflects the passionate plea of South African football fans. These players, with their unique skills and contributions to their club teams, have earned another chance to don the national team colors. It is essential for the coaching staff and selectors to heed the voices of the supporters and give these talented individuals an opportunity to shine on the international stage once again.

Ultimately, it’s not just about the fans; it’s about improving the team’s prospects and providing a fair chance to those who have demonstrated their capabilities. As South Africa continues its football journey, Lorch and Pule could be instrumental in achieving success at the highest level. The ball is in the coach’s court, and the nation eagerly awaits their decision.