lvan Semwanga Ginimbi’s Millionaire Friend Who Died At 40

lvan Semwanga, Ginimbi's Millionaire Friend

lvan Semwanga Ginimbi’s Millionaire Friend Who Died At 40

As some people are still struggling to come to terms with the unexpected and tragic death of Zimbabwe’s flamboyant businessman, Genius Kadungure aka Ginimbi, every facet of his life is now being laid bare.

Ginimbi lived the better part of his life or rather the most exciting part of it on social media.

lvan Semwanga Ginimbi's Millionaire Friend

His virtual followers and fans felt like they knew him, only to discover that, in death, they don’t really know anything about the man.

Ginimbi was a person who barely spoke about his personal life and there are several arguments on who his parents even are, while Ginimbi’s father surfaced after his death, some are arguing that the man is not even his real father.

There are also arguments on who his real friends were, while some are arguing that it was al Rimo, some names have been tossed around as well.

In trying to unravel the mystery that is Ginimbi in death, a light has been shined on one Ivan Semwanga who died in 2017 at the age of 40.

lvan Semwanga Ginimbi's Millionaire Friend
lvan Semwanga, Ginimbi’s Millionaire Friend

Ivan Semwanga was a South African based Uganda millionaire who was filthy rich like Ginimbi and owned several flashy cars and several properties.

He was the leader of the self-styled Rich Gang group well known in both South Africa and Uganda for their immense wealth.

Ginimbi and Ivan used to hang out together when he was still based in South Africa.

Ivan Semwanga was also a guest at Ginimbi’s famous all-white parties.

lvan Semwanga Ginimbi's Millionaire Friend

Like Ginimbi, Ivan would also flash his wealth on the occasion, from dollar bills fast cars and hosted all-white parties where alcohol flowed aplenty.

Ivan Semwanga was also known for being supergenerous.

At one point in 2017, before he met his untimely fate, he ordered Ugandans to line up so that he give them money.

lvan Semwanga Ginimbi's Millionaire Friend

Like Ginimbi, Ivan Semwanga’s source of wealth was constantly questioned, with many wild theories flying around him.

Those who were close to him said he made his money in real estate, he also owned several schools and there were rumors that he was involved in diamond and gold deals.

There were also claims that Ivan Semwanga was a sangoma when he first came to South Africa, but he only plied the trade for four years before raising money to do other things.

However, some people close to him denied reports that he was a practising Sangoma who only served rich clientele.

Semwanga’s glorious life came to a screeching halt after he suffered a heart attack, just after returning from Uganda in South Africa

He died at Steve Biko hospital after he succumbed to the sickness.

His funeral was the stuff our wildest dreams and fantasies were made of. Millions of dollars were reserved to cater for alcohol to celebrate his life, 5 beasts were slaughtered and as he was lowered down into the grave, his rich friends threw money and champagne on his coffin.


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