M-Net Apologizes For ‘Racist’ Love Island SA Episode

M-Net Apologizes For 'Racist' Love Island SA Episode
Blunder……M-Net Apologizes For ‘Racist’ Love Island SA Episode

The situation on Love Island’s alleged racist first production has escalated to new heights for both the production company and its television channel, M-Net.

Furious netizens called out the television channel for airing the debut episode of love island with a predominantly white cast – and just two blacks.

After black Twitter backlash and intervention of one major production sponsor – Lottostar, M-Net has finally given heed and apologized for the ‘regretable’ mistake.

South Africa’s Lotto company – Lottostar announced that it was making a decision to ‘respectfully’ withdraw its sponsorship on Tuesday morning.

Taking to Twitter this afternoon, M-Net lamented black Twitter’s reaction to the said mistake and promised to fix the issue as soon as possible.

“You called us out on the lack of diversity and production quality in our first episode of Love Island SA.

We’re sorry – we didn’t meet our usual standard on both counts.

We are working tirelessly to fix things, and to deliver the Magic you deserve,” M-Net’s statement read.


Last night after its first episode, Love Island SA quickly changed its cast to accommodate 3 more black contestants.


But Mzansi wasn’t having it as they quickly dismissed the stunt.

Watch more episodes of Love Island’s South African franchise on DSTV’s M-Net channel.

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