MacG Slams Thando Thabethe

MacG tells Thando Thabethe to stick to posting her nudes on Instagram!

Former child star and podcaster MacG Mukwevho finally broke his silence over a homophobic incident which led to his podcast being dropped by a major sponsor, Old Mutual SA. In a segment of his latest podcast episode, the controversial former radio personality responds to celebrities who were in solidarity with a social media mob calling for the podcaster’s head. 

These celebrities jump on because they just wanna trend, and jump on whatever outrage is happening at the time,” said the former radio presenter who was apparently fired on YFM for sharing his homophobic sentiments on air. 

In the firing line was television actress and former 5FM drive time host Thando “Tabooty” Thabethe. Mukwevho questioned the state of Thabethe’s career

“What the hell is she doing?” Slamming Thando, MacG claims he ran across her ‘horrible’ podcast numbers which were so low he wished he could unsee. Co-host Sol Phenduka responded with shock to the alleged low figures, sarcastically pointing to Thabethe’s huge twitter following. “She has more following than Astin Villa…and that’s a team in the biggest league in the world.” 

Sipping on what comes across as an alcoholic substance, the child presenter who hosted a kids tv yodeling show went on to drag Thabethe, a Bcom Accounting graduate from the University of Johannesburg and Nivea‘s first brand ambassador in Africa who was named one of Forbes Africa‘s 30 Under 30 in 2019. 

“It just shows nobody wants to hear what she has to say, just take your nudes and post them on Instagram because that’s what you know best” 

Mukwevho who has been let go by multiple radio stations himself, said the reason Thando was demoted to the graveyard on contemporary youth music station 5FM, was because they saw that Thabethe was a scam. After the success of the second season of Housekeepers and recently How to Ruin Christmas: The Wedding Thando is set to star in a new investigative drama series called Reyka 

Twitter got a hold of a clip of MacG’s podcast and here are some of the responses:

@Titan_baddie : ”This is why I don’t accept those PR apology statements from homophobes because they really don’t care. MacG would be lucky if Thando Thabethe farted in his direction and the only thing he has to offer is a stench you can smell through a phone screen.”

@stan_siya: “And people had the nerve to say he must be educated. DEPLATFORM MACG IMMEDIATELY.”   

@Qaqamba_maqutu: “The girl laughing in the background She seems to find transphobia and misogyny funny. She laughed throughout his sexist attack on Thando and last week she was laughing at transphobic jokes, she’s very problematic.”

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