Madam & Mercy Duo Pose As Sisters Despite Being Mom & Daughter

Madam & Mercy Duo

Madam And Mercy Duo Pose As Sisters Despite Being Mother And Daughter

Reality TV stars Evodia Mogase and her daughter Mercy Mogase, are proof that living the soft life does slow down ageing.

Madam & Mercy Duo

The stylish mother and daughter duo took to Instagram to show their looks of the day and we’re totally digging that all the way.

Evodia Mogase and Mercy Mogase are well known for their reality TV show, titled Madam and Mercy.

Before that, they brought the house down on The Real Housewives of Joburg and managed to amass a lot of loyal fans and followers who keep up with their luxurious and enviable lifestyle.

Madam & Mercy Duo

Life was not always soft for Evodia Mogase, she wasn’t always the rich auntie she is today.

Evodia has never been shy about her past and she once took to Instagram to narrate her history and what she went through.

This was after people accused her and her daughter Mercy of bleaching their skin and being too extravagant.

She also highlighted that her daughter Mercy also used to pull 18 hour shifts at Disney cruise ships.

Madam & Mercy Duo

In her lengthy Instagram post, Evodia revealed that at one point she used to sleep at the back of a bakkie saying

Morning Family To all the ladies out there. The hard way of my life. Those who don’t understand who Madam Queen of Versace comes from. It’s through hardships and hardworking.

The past 25yrs was not easy. I did not care about the Sun,Rain or any kind of weather for me it was a working day . Sun blocks was luxury. I was only praying to God that I must reach my goals. Not worried about my looks. I had a vision my dream was that I don’t want to be a failure.

After 15 yrs I divorced and left everything behind. I slept in the back of the bakkie for 8 moths on site and bought a caravan, and stayed on it for 2 yrs on-site it was 2008 and the nicest thing was that my business was still there because I laid a solid foundation.

To start from cutlery to everything was not easy. I decided to stay at work 24/7 and put all my effort to growing my company. Beauty was not an option ,work was. No friend no family and Mercy was working at Disney Cruise Ships 🚢 also working 18 hrs.

Always parents must allow their children to be independent, exposed and responsible and you won’t be disappointed. When I count the yrs I have worked and left everything behind is only 10 yrs back when I started everything from the bottom .

I thank Almighty God for always protecting and blessing me. Father God your the best. I have leant a lesson that in life believe in yourself and give your children love they will love you back .So people must understand that life is not smooth and easy.

I always preach that handwork pays . Today don’t be surprised when I spoil my self. I have spend sleepless nights, working hard .

It’s the sweet and short of who I am and my story of where I come from. I SALUTE MADAM.

And still working had till today.Stay blessed family 💕💕thank you @mercymogase for believing in me as a mother. God bless you for giving me all the support 🙏🏽🙏🏽  Always make a difference by helping others❤️❤️ Don’t give up in life😘.

Madam & Mercy Duo Pose As Sisters Despite Being Mom & Daughter


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