Makhadzi's Mozambique Revelation| Behind The Scenes Of Her Stunning CEO StyleMakhadzi (Image: Makhadzi/Facebook)

Makhadzi’s Mozambique Revelation| Behind The Scenes Of Her Stunning CEO Style

Award-winning singer Makhadzi revealed that she received a request to adopt a more conservative dress code for a children’s festival taking place at Zimpeto National Stadium in Maputo, according to The Citizen.

According to the publication, Makhadzi, who was the headline act for the Bawito Festival and Pequenada, a children’s festival, was specifically requested to dress in a manner deemed appropriate for the occasion.

“The festival is produced by Bow Music, which is founded by one of Mozambique’s biggest artists Mr Bow,” reports The Citizen

Taking to her Instagram account, the renowned singer, who is celebrated with multiple awards, shared that the event organizers had specifically requested her to modify her usual attire, which often includes revealing clothing, for the festival.

“Bawito Festival asked me to not show off my body, I had to honour the invite. I am still a kid; I have to listen when elders talk to me,” wrote the singer in an Instagram post.

In the picture, the Matorokisi  singer, real name Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona, wore a nice blue suit with a white polo neck.


Fans and followers of the singer were captivated by the singer’s appearance and expressed admiration for her when she opted for a more modest attire.


“And u look more beautiful wen your body is covered.”


“You looked so elegant and beautiful.”


“No nakesa Makhadzi. Blue suits you so well sweetheart.”


“You look stunning babes.”

Masters Paul:

Obedient is very impotant when you search money

Christopher Lingene:

I was asking myself wat happened bcs you are so beautiful my dear always dress like this 💕👌

Briza PC:

They asked you to cover your body and you decided – formal is the way to go 😂😂
But the outfit looks good, great actually ❤️❤️

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