Mandelas At War With Each Other Amid Talks Of Nelson’s Look-alike

Mandelas At War With Each Other Amid Talks Of Nelson's Look-alike
Mandelas At War With Each Other Amid Talks Of Nelson’s Look-alike

Former president Nelson Mandela’s family is at loggerheads with each other, Zoleka Mandela has sensationally revealed to the public.

This, after a video of her grandfather Nelson Mandela’s doppelganger, went viral on social media prompting many to tag her asking if she knows or can identify the person.

Themba Michael Qhina is the name of the man whom social media has identified as Nelson Mandela’s look-alike.

What is striking about the said man is that he too is asking for people to assist him to understand if he is a Mandela or not.

He also believes he might be related to the South African icon.

Those who sort the former president’s granddaughter opinion hit a brick wall after she harshly turned them away.

She asked them to mind their business and never bother her.

“Dear ‘People that don’t mind your own business. You’ve tagged me on Twitter, both my Facebook accounts, on Instagram and sent me WhatsApp messages,” she scribbled on the image-sharing app, Instagram urging people to mind their business.

She blew people’s mind when she revealed her family secrets saying that they were at loggerheads with each other.

“After my grandfather passed away, sh**t literally hit the fan. Things worsened after my grandmother’s passing and I honestly can’t believe that things have gotten even worse after my mother’s passing,” she said.

Directing her attention to those who had been asking about Themba Michael Qhina, Zoleka asked if people wanted her family to accept anyone in while still at war with each other?

“My family is at war with one another. Why encourage the man to be part of the family that does not even want, respect, love or recognise his own bloodline? When was the last time you even saw any of us under one roof, as a family?” she added.


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The Mandelas are apparently at war over the late former president’s inheritance and proceeds from the government.

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