Eating Kuku Married WomanMarried Zimbabwean Man In Naughty Kuku Eating With A Married UK Woman [Image: News365]

A married Zimbabwean man has startled the public for eating the kuku of a married woman in the UK at a party.


Zimbabwean Man Eating The Kuku Of A Married Man Causes A Stir

The two were at a gig and got groovy after downing a couple of bottles. They then decided to go to a toilet and get adventurous. The lady, identified as Yolanda from Birmingham in the United Kingdom, and the the Zimbabwean man, hailing from London, headed to the toilet.

Yolanda and the man did not care that they were both married. They went down for some blast of a time.

The unidentified man decided to go down and eat the kuku. Interestingly, only Yolanda’s face was in the full glare of the camera while the married man tried by all means to conceal his face. They even did the mischievous act with their wedding rings on.

Eating Kuku Married Woman
Married Zimbabwean Man In Naughty Kuku Eating With A Married UK Woman [Image: News365]


The man used his mouth and hands, and when he wanted tlof tlof, Yolanda stopped him and refused to go any further.


Yolanda Cries Foul

The video unfortunately made it onto the public domain and things took a nasty turn. Apparently, someone in the next booth heard noises and found the two out before deciding to shoot the whole drama. After filming, he then leaked it out for all to jeer.

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Yolanda went to report to the police that she was too drunk and does not know what was going on. She also said she did not consent to people recording a video of her in the compromising position.

Watch the video here.

This becomes the latest instance of people getting too excited. Last week, two girls from Masvingo in Zimbabwe recorded themselves eating each other’s kuku behind closed doors.

After the videos trended, the girls, named Nyasha and Flora, seemed unperturbed and said it was better than having tlof tlof from the number two hole.


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