Master KG Buys House For A Big Fan

Master KG Buys House

Master KG Buys House For A Big Fan

Master KG Buys House

World renowned DJ and producer Master KG recently shocked many by confirming through a post that he indeed bought a house for a staunch fan in Midrand, Johannesburg.

Many still can’t believe this gesture done by the DJ on his fans.

Did he really by a house?

Well, if the two’s exchanges on the microblogging site, Twitter are anything to go by, Master KG did indeed bless his fan with a new house.

This was first confirmed by a fan who goes by handle – DjNgwazilu on Twitter.

“I had never ever thought one day I will wake up and clean my own house in Johannesburg Midrand….A blessing on top of another thanks brother love @MasterKGsa, ” he said in a post

To which Master KG responded: “Congratulations my G More blessings.”


When asked if this was really true – as it was hard to believe – the fan confirmed it was indeed true.

Master KG’s fan is also a DJ and the two probably know each other in their circles.

If it is really true that a house was bought for the man in question, there truly are reasons why such a gesture was done.

Master KG has recently been winning since the release of his global hit song, Jerusalema.

The song made him fortunes. He recently bought a luxury Ferrari sports car and a Porsche to celebrate his milestone achievements.

It is possible that he could have also spared some few cents to buy a house in Midrand for his fan.

Master KG Buys House For A Big Fan


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