Meet Generations’ Gaddafi and Real Wife

Thembeka Shezi Flirts With Gaddafi

Meet Generations’ Gaddafi and Real Wife.

Despite showing signs that he carries an almost similar stinking attitude he portrays on Generations, in real life – after rebuffing a proposal to meet his lookalike Abednigo Mabaso – there’s no doubt that actor Vuyo Dabula is an absolute dreamboat.

We’ve come to know him on Generations: The Legacy as Kumkani Phakhade aka Gadaffi, the thug in a suit.

Gadaffi generations

Vuyo Dabula’s Kumkani is a callous man with a troubled past, always seeking to one-up everyone.

The actor has managed to play the character with such complexity that fans often have a love-hate relationship with him.

Vuyo Dabula is definitely a favorite on the ladies and gents menu because he’s a sight for sore eyes.

Despite him not showing off his personal life on social media, the actor is a very married man, sorry everyone.

Gaddafi and Real Wife
Gaddafi and Real Wife

He hardly shares on his love life nor does he live out his love life on the gram but he occasionally shares snippets.

The actor also has a son whom he absolutely adores called Kitso. He once gushed about his son being intelligent and how proud he is of him.

“Kitso brings so much joy to me when I think that I’m responsible for raising such an intelligent boy. I want him to be confident in who he is and be humble because people who are confident and humble are often kind. He must also have self-respect, as a lot of positive things spring from that.”

A few months ago, fans were devastated to learn that Vuyu Dabula was checking out of the show and that means no more Gadaffi nights on weekdays.

The actor confessed that he never saw the role of Gadaffi as a lifelong role,, he always knew he would live one day.

“I was sceptical about being part of the soap right from the beginning. I knew the kind of performance style I liked and what was required by the sopie so somehow I knew I wasn’t going to be on it for too long.

Vuyo Dabula agreed that he would miss the role of Gadaffi and Generations and it helped expose him to a lot of opportunities.

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