Meet Muvhango’s New Hulisani

Meet Muvhango’s New Hulisani

Meet Muvhango’s New Hulisani

Muvhango’s Monday episode was met with mixed emotions following the replacement of the actor who used to portray Hulisani character.

Meet Muvhango’s New Hulisani
Meet Muvhango’s New Hulisani, Burnett Gededger 

Hulisani played by actor, Khathu Ramabulana was quickly replaced by another actor called Burnett Gededger.

Hulisani is Rendani’s husband and currently has a storyline where he is battling an addiction to gambling.

His romance with Rendani was one for the money, as it began under not so favorable circumstances, considering that he pursued Rendani when she was with someone else.

There were rumors that Kathu Ramabulana would be leaving the show, but Muvhango production house, Word Of Mouth, never confirmed the rumors.

Meet Muvhango’s New Hulisani
Old Hulisani and Rendani

It only became apparent on Monday that a new Hulisani had arrived in town.

Twitter went into an epic meltdown at the new Hulisani and memes were born, accompanied by rants.

The Muvhango twitter handle didn’t make things easier either, they made a joke, alluding that Hulisani had gambled his old face away, a dig at the character who currently suffers from gambling addiction.

The actor who replaced Khathu Ramabulana,  Burnett Gededger, may be relatively new but he is a social media influencer known as That Venda Guy.

He commands quite a huge Twitter following and engagement, getting a role on one of SA’s biggest soapie, only elevates his status.

While people showed him flames, the actor was pretty ecstatic to have joined Muvhango.

He tweeted

All Glory goes to the Lord almighty. All the credit goes to him. Lord Jesus thank you. You are the way, the truth and the light

Meet Muvhango’s New Hulisani

Burnett Gededger found himself in uncharted territory when he be became the object of victimization and backslash from Muvhango fans, who were not prepared for the sudden change

He took to Twitter and wrote

I don’t think I’ve ever received such a wide scale of hate projected at me like this. It’s mind-blowing. Peace be with all their hearts.

It’s pretty normal that devoted fans of a show can feel furious or disconnected to new characters, however that doesn’t always last.

We wish Burnett Gededger the best on his new role.


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