Meet Rhythm City’s Banele Real Life Twin Brother

Rhythm City's Banele Real Life Twin Brother

Meet Rhythm City’s Banele Real Life Twin Brother

Banele Real Life Twin Brother

Portraying a storyline which most of us can identify with in real life, we just can’t help but fall in love with actor Oros Mpofu or Banele on eTV’s soapie, Rhythm City.

Oros Mpofu plays the role of Banele, a young, rural Xhosa man from the Eastern Cape, whose family has to rely on social grants to sustain their livelihood.

Banele comes to Jtafter securing a bursary to study at a university in the city and he is the first person to go to uni in his family.

At a young age, Banele has become a breadwinner in his family and works as a recycler in order to send money back home to take care of them.

We’ve all grown attached to the role Oros Mpofu plays and we’re constantly rooting for him so he can make it.

Oros Mpfofu has been on record to say the role of Banele has taught him a lot about life

“Banele from Rhythm City taught me one very important lesson that has guided me … KEEP ROLLING WITH THE PUNCHES…The light is just over the horizon. To anyone facing challenges out there… Please share this lesson with me. Thank you Banele,” he said.

What some might have missed, is that Oros Mpofu comes in doubles, yep he has a twin brother called Prince.

Banele Real Life Twin Brother
Meet Rhythm City’s Banele Real Life Twin Brother

They even have slightly identical names, Oros’s other name is Nkokheli while Prince goes by the name Mkhokheli.

The twins were born on August 27, 1990, making them 30 years old.

Banele Real Life Twin Brother

Oros once revealed that like most siblings they have fought, cried celebrated together, however their love for each other is greater.


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