Meet The River’s Latest Arrival Who Plans To Win Lindiwe’s Heart

Mzandile Dlamini will debut on The River tonight to play the role of Elvis Baloyi. Dlamini is an actor, producer, and presenter who’s been on shows like Spirit Sundae, Taxi Ride and so many more…
Elvis will fall head-over-heels in love with the leading character, Lindiwe Dikana and he will convince himself that he will have her. We know that Lindiwe and Zweli’s relationship is going to be rocky this season as Zweli is determined to find the shooter who ended Tumi’s life and put the pilot in ICU.

Lindiwe will even be tempted to kill Zweli this season for the first time since season one. She won’t go through with it because Lindiwe needs a principled man by her side. She can’t marry a villain because two villains are not a great idea as they never last.

Though Baloyi’s goal is to marry Lindiwe, Lindiwe will probably stick it out with Zweli.

We are going to see Baloyi trying everything he can to win her heart and he’ll do whatever it takes to win her.

According to sources:

Elvis is everything evil, manipulative and smart…as he’s always two steps ahead. Audiences might find him annoying because of his laughter and his voice…

So, expect him to be trolled and trend for all the wrong reasons. Viewers shouldn’t buy his act of being a great guy or sympathize with him because he’s cunning.

He’s egotistic and believes every woman wants him and they’ll be lucky to have him. Although he comes from a small village he knows how to play with the big boys and isn’t scared of a challenge.

He’s going to be so mesmerized by Lindiwe and he’ll try to get through to Lindiwe through blackmail while trying to win her heart.

The River airs on 1Magic at 20:00, Monday to Friday

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