Mihlali Ndamase

Mihlali Ndamase Takes Down Troll Musa Khawula In Epic Social Media Feud

After enduring months of constant harassment from controversial blogger Musa Khawula, South African beauty influencer Mihlali Ndamase has chosen to confront and set him straight about his defamatory claims.

Khawula has been using social media platforms to spread malicious rumors about Ndamase’s personal life, baselessly accusing her of ruining relationships.

Fed up with the incessant trolling and harassment, Ndamase has decided to take a stand and respond to Khawula’s false accusations.

Mihlali Ndamase took to her Instagram Stories to rebuke Musa Khawula for crossing the line and exploiting her family’s reputation for his own publicity.

In a scathing response, Ndamase called out Khawula for his unethical behavior and condemned him for using her personal life as a means to gain more followers and likes.

“I’m not in the business of explaining myself and responding to bs even when a false narrative is being pushed because I know my truth and my work speaks for itself but the moment you start attacking my loved ones it’s personal.
I signed up for this but my family didn’t, the least you can do is leave my parents out of my mess. Clearly, it’s not about blogging anymore it’s personal. @khawulamusa let me educate you and others since you lack information on who I am, and where I come from.”

Mihlali also took the opportunity to dispel rumors that she engages in relationships with wealthy men for financial gain.

She clarified that she has been exposed to luxurious surroundings from an early age, and that her success is a product of her hard work and dedication to her craft.

Ndamase went on to explain that she will not tolerate any further harassment or false claims from Khawula or anyone else.

With all due respect since y’all give men too much credit: Cars? Been exposed to luxury since birth. I was dropped off and picked up from school in Mercedes from pre-primary. My first car was a Mercedes, I bought my mom a luxury car at 22 years old. I’ve never accepted hand-me-downs because I never needed to. Zikhona imoto ekhaya.

The beauty influencer said that she is tired of people dragging her on a daily basis, spewing lies about her life. She revealed that this is the first and last time she will be addressing such rumours.

I try handle everything with so much grace but ke ndiyadikwa nam.
I’m driving so and so’s car, dating a, b and c for financial gain like you haven’t seen me build from the group up on my platforms. From vlogging in a cottage to a one-bedroom, two bedroom, three then house.
Anyways this is the first and last time I give fools free airtime on my platform because my rates aren’t cheap. As my mother would say “dogs do not bark at a stationary car they piss on it, so long as you’re progressing in life they will bark”
Goodnight 🤍.

Tweeps Applaud Mihlali Ndamase For Putting Musa Khawula In His Place

Social media users are showing their support for Mihlali Ndamase after she took a stand against Musa Khawula’s incessant harassment.

Many Twitter users have commended Ndamase for speaking out and defending herself against baseless allegations. Some have praised her for being a role model and inspiring others to stand up against cyber bullying. Below are some of the comments on social media.


Mihlali addressing Musa Khawula was long overdue to be honest.

Don’t play with people’s parents like that bruh.

Get help.


Finally. Mihlali has spoken. So glad she broke her silence on this specifically because I honestly do not get why she got dragged for HER TRUTH. You can say whatever you want to say about Mimi Oksalayo she’s got impeccable work ethic and you cannot take that away from her.…


I am so proud I waited for this long time ago….. The way she handles them…. She’s so independent mihlali is a true meaning of an independent woman.

By jdt