Mihlali Ndamase-Image Source@TwitterMihlali Ndamase-Image Source@Twitter

Mihlali Ndamase’s Stepfather Under Fire for Alleged Inappropriate Stare in TikTok Video

South African influencer and content creator Mihlali Ndamase has once again found herself at the centre of attention. Just a few weeks ago, social media users were discussing her body and speculating whether she had undergone plastic surgery to enhance her appearance.

This week, a video clip of the 25-year-old dancing and enjoying time with her family has ignited controversy after a TikToker claimed that her stepfather was staring at her inappropriately in the footage.

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Stepfather’s Alleged Stare


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In the clip, Mihlali can be seen happily dancing while her mother and stepfather are seated nearby. At one point, her stepfather’s gaze appears to linger on Mihlali, while her mother laughs heartily. The TikToker who posted the video captioned it as “Mihlali’s stepdad stares at her as she dances.”

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Mixed Reactions on TikTok

The video has garnered over 66k views on TikTok and has sparked a flurry of comments from users expressing varying opinions on the alleged stare.

Defending Mihlali Ndamase’s Stepfather

Some TikTokers came to the defense of Mihlali’s stepfather, offering alternative explanations for his gaze. User TshegoFatso suggested, “You’re making this something that it’s not. Mihlali was dancing with her younger sister, and the mother was probably showing her husband something to look at.”

Mihlali Ndamase-Image Source@Twitter
Mihlali Ndamase-Image Source@Twitter

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Criticizing the Stare

Others expressed discomfort with the alleged stare. User Masey commented, “He was staring too much! Even holding his head.”

The video has fueled further discussion and debate among social media users, adding to the ongoing controversies surrounding Mihlali Ndamase. As a prominent figure in the influencer industry, she continues to attract attention and scrutiny.


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