Nigerian Pastor 'Resurrects' Dead Man During Church ServiceNigerian Pastor 'Resurrects' Dead Man During Church Service (Image Credit: Instagram @santavenue_ent1)

Nigerian Pastor Fabian Nna, from the Fire Of Liberation Interdenominational Ministries, is trending on social media following claims that he successfully resurrected a dead man during a church service.

The internet is awash with images capturing the astounding moment when Pastor Fabian purportedly raised the dead man back to life.

Extraordinary Events: Pastor Resurrects Dead Man

During a church service that left congregants in disbelief, a casket bearing the body of a deceased man, dressed entirely in white, was solemnly carried into the congregation.

According to Within Nigeria, Pastor Fabian Nna embarked on an impassioned journey of prayer, aiming to perform an extraordinary miracle.

To the astonishment and elation of those present, the once-dead man seemingly returned to the realm of the living. In the pictures shared, he can be seen rising from his coffin.



Nigerian Pastor 'Resurrects' Dead Man During Church Service
Nigerian Pastor ‘Resurrects’ Dead Man During Church Service (Image Credit: saintavenue_ent1)

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Social Media Erupts with Mixed Reactions

News of the alleged resurrection rapidly propagated across social media, igniting a digital firestorm characterized by fervent debate and skepticism.

While some internet users expressed wonder and amazement at the purported miracle, others quickly cast doubt on its authenticity.

Social media became a battleground of conflicting opinions and beliefs, with some even daring the pastor to replicate his supposed feat on other prominent cases, including that of the late Mohbad, whose recent passing had dominated headlines.

Check out some of the reactions:


See the guy’s face, they nearly suffocate him. 😂😂😂 he won’t ever involve in shooting this kind of movie again. 😂😂


Are this people not scared of God????


See fresh cut naw, what a handsome de@d man 🤗


Abeg make he help us wake mohbad up then I go believe this story


Even the person he raised from the so called death is looking high. May God help us. Christianity is the only religion the believers use as a joke and business, if government start putting ban to churches, many will say it’s end time.

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