Mlindo The Vocalist Says A Fan Drugged Him

Mlindo The Vocalist

Mlindo The Vocalist Says A Fan Drugged Him

In a desperate move to save his face from an embarrassing scene during a performance in Soshanguve on Monday, Mlindo is busy contradicting himself.

The singer and his manager have been dancing to different tunes in their statements.

Amablesser hitmaker – real name Lindokuhle Mgedezi – came out first on Tuesday to assure his fans that such an incident would never appear again.

In doing so he said he blamed himself and no one else for taking too many drinks.

“I would like to sincerely apologize to my supporters and everyone for everything that took place this past weekend. I will not get into details, but I take full responsibility for my actions and I will not blame it on anyone but myself. I will be better and act better next time,” he said in a lengthy Twitter post.

But his manager has issued a rather contradicting statement regarding what transpired on the evening.

Mlindo The Vocalist
Mlindo The Vocalist

From the two videos that emerged on social media, the seemingly intoxicated Mlindo is seated down and can’t move.

On the other, he is being led out of the stage by two men as he can’t walk.

His manager, Nyiko Bilankilu claims he was rather drugged by the crowd.

“With my experience, I wouldn’t let Mlindo go on stage drunk. I’d rather postpone the performance or stop him from getting on stage.

Anyway, he went on stage and started performing. During the performance, I think, he was too excited and took a drink from the crowd and drank it.

He was fine for a while. We don’t know if the drink was too strong or if it was spiked, but he became drowsy,” Nyiko said.

He added that Mlindo was immediately taken to a doctor after the incident.

“The doctor flushed all the toxins out of his body.”


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