Mohumi Is Tumi Mokoena’s Real Father On The River

Tumi Mokoena's Real Father
Tumi Mokoena's Real Father

Mohumi Is Tumi Mokoena’s Real Father On The River

Seputla Sebogodi who used to play the villain as Kenneth ‘Abore-hwa’ Mashaba on Generations and has joined The River on 1Magic to play the character of Mohumi, is likely to be Tumi Mokoena’s real father.

According to the show’s character description; Mohumi will take on Lindiwe Dikana played by Sindi Dlathu. Mohumi used to work in the mine and is tied to the late Thato Mokoena who was Tumi adopted Mokoena’s father.

We know that Lindiwe abandoned Tumi by the river when she was a baby and Thato Mokoena found Tumi and adopted her. Tumi had no idea that she was adopted until her father’s death. Her late adopted parents; Malefu and Thato Mokoena never mentioned it to her because they loved her as their own.

Nothing has been mentioned about Tumi’s real father before and Tumi never asked about him because she always regarded Thato as her real love. They had a strong connection from the beginning.

We know that in real life Sebogodi is the father of The River’s Kabzela but the two will not play father and son on the show.

However, because he was tied to the late Thato Mokoena and Tumi Mokoena the two might probably meet in Refilwe township,. The father and son duo have done plays together but have never been in one soapie/telenovela before, so this is a first!

Fans of Sebogodi were thrilled to see the news on social media an hour ago as he’s one of the most talented actors in South Africa.

Some fans were not eager to congratulate the veteran actor as there have been lots of talented actors whose time was short-lived on the show. Phathu Makwarela the creator and head writer of the River is known to killing new, talented characters as quickly as he hires them.

Fans are already speculating that Lindiwe Dikana will kill Mohumi played by Seputla Sebogodi especially if he plans to sabotage his daughter’s relationship with Lindiwe.

However; should Tumi find out that Mohumi is her real father; she might plead with her mother; Lindiwe to not kill him as she’d want to get to know him too.I
Mohumi’s re-appearance will definitely rock Lindiwe and Zweli’s relationship too.


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