More Woes For DJ Fresh

Thando Thabethe Replaces Fresh

More Woes For DJ Fresh

Fresh has found himself in yet another entanglement after the family of Siphelele Madikizela, who was allegedly ra_ped by the renowned DJ a couple of years ago issued out a public statement citing that he has been publishing falsehoods of Siphelele and should retract them.

Woes For DJ Fresh
More Woes For DJ Fresh

The public statement follows a series of Twitter posts that have been made by the DJ following the acquittal of the rape case by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) on Monday over lack of evidence, “aunt of hers called me three weeks ago stating exactly this, I remember this girl back in the days she used to lie about being married to a white man and has a company while he finished school at the age of 20 have numerous degrees that time (sic). Yuuuh iyafana naye lento yi Psycho leya usaxoka nangoku kanti lentombi yase mtata, she wouldn’t speak on the record coz family(sic).”

In addition, the renowned DJ issued out a public statement citing that Siphelele had made up the rape case as evidenced by her friend who was with her when the alleged incident transpired, “we have now been granted access to the statements obtained in the course of the investigation. Michelle the roommate, whom Ms. Siphelele Madikizela claims were with her during the alleged incident, has stated under oath that, it incident(sic) that Siphelele mentioned that I was with her at a Guest House, I was never there. I don’t have any knowledge of this incident.”

However, C.K Madikizela a family member of Siphelele has since issued out a lengthy statement contradicting DJ Fresh’s statements and Twitter posts citing that they are falsehoods, “the Madikizela family has taken note of the recent social media post by DJ Fresh making extremely dangerous claims about a family member who called him three weeks ago to discuss the recent rape allegations against him informing him that the victim, our daughter is a pathological liar.

The Madikizela family wants to make it absolutely clear that at no point did any family member call DJ Fresh to state such. The Madikizela family is distressed at these false claims and rejects these with contempt. This is a clear example of slander and defamation of character to damage our daughter’s reputation, character, and integrity. We salute our daughter’s courage to stand up for herself and in doing so for the thousands of rape victims and survivors that are afraid to speak up and report rape and se_xual assault in this country.

We will not sit back and allow the launch of a smear campaign and the public assassination of our daughter in an attempt to hide from the glaring ugly truth.

We call on DJ Fresh to retract his false claims immediately. Alternatively, he must publish the name of the relative referred as it is of great interest and importance to us as a family. He cannot be this naive to think that he can publish such malicious allegations about our daughter and still have the privilege of hiding his source. Using narcissistic tactics to fight your case. Those days are gone. The movement against the abuse of women and rape continues, and we are fully behind it.”


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