Moshe Ndiki boyfriendMoshe Ndiki Shows off boyfriend-Image Source@Instagram

Moshe Ndiki Reveals New Boyfriend After Split With Phelo Bala

South African TV host and actor Moshe Ndiki has recently announced his new relationship via social media following his break up with musician Phelo Bala. Moshe is considered one of the most talented entertainers in South Africa, and he has been enjoying a steady stream of work. In a recent interview with Isolezwe, Moshe confirmed the split with Phelo after being married for two years. He stated that he still loves marriage and would love to get married again in the future.

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Moshe Ndiki is Expecting Twins Via Surrogate

Ndiki announced that he is expecting twins via surrogate in a recent Instagram post. He revealed that he had been working with a surrogate in private and waited until the right time to share the exciting news. Moshe expressed his gratitude to his surrogate and her husband, along with his family, for supporting him throughout the entire process. He also dedicated a song to his unborn babies and said that he had always prayed for this miracle of becoming a dad.

Moshe Ndiki’s journey of becoming a father has not been an easy one, and he mentioned in his post that it is not for the faint-hearted. However, he expressed his excitement and joy for the new addition to his family. The actor said that he had tried to build a life where he and his child could be good, comfortable, safe, and loved, and he is grateful that God had blessed him with twins.

Moshe Ndiki boyfriend
Moshe Ndiki Shows off boyfriend-Image Source@Instagram

The Excitement of Becoming a Dad

Moshe Ndiki is overjoyed at the prospect of becoming a dad and is eagerly anticipating the arrival of his twins. He said that the journey had been documented well, and he is excited to share it with his fans. Moshe expressed his love and excitement for his unborn babies, and he dedicated a song to them. The actor said that he cannot wait to sing the song with them when they are old enough.

Moshe Ndiki’s announcement has been met with an outpouring of love and support from his fans and followers on social media. Many have congratulated him on his new relationship and upcoming fatherhood. Moshe is excited to embark on this new journey in his life and is grateful for the blessings that he has received.

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