Mshoza’s Death Wishes Were Ignored At Her Funeral  

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Mshoza’s Death Wishes Were Ignored At Her Funeral

It is said the wishes of the dead should always be honoured and followed precisely or else the bereaved risk facing the consequences from the deceased’s soul.

However, strained relations between the late Kwaito Queen, Mshoza and some of her family members resulted in the deceased’s death wishes ignored.

According to Mshoza’s close friends, though almost everyone all around the country loved her, not all her family members loved her

According to her friends, her sisters didn’t care for the late musician or rather got tired of caring for her. Another source who didn’t want to be named shared how her friends stood by her when she was sick and her family was nowhere to be seen.

“Only her friends were there for her. Sonto didn’t deserve to die in a public hospital.  Her friends could have taken care of her and nursed her back to health. We feel they could have done more to save her life. Over the past months, they hid Sonto and she didn’t even have a phone. Her friends didn’t have access to her and we were worried. We even considered going to the police.”

A second source also revealed that the late musician asked a friend to take care of her kids if she died.

“If Sonto said her kids must stay with someone else, it means they had problems. It means she didn’t trust them with her children’s lives.”

Mshoza’s Death Wishes

A third source said Mshoza’s sisters didn’t honor her funeral wishes as Mshoza wanted a white casket, not pink. Further alluding,

“Sonto loved white and she wanted a white casket, they were supposed to get a white casket, not pink. Now that she’s gone her sisters are fighting with all of us and it’s because we know the truth.”

Mshoza’s Death Wishes
Mshoza’s Death Wishes Were Ignored At Her Funeral  

When the sisters were contacted by a publication, they referred them to a family spokesman; Khumbu Sithole, who denied the claims.

“Thandi left her life behind to move in with Sonto and take care of her. Seipati took her to private doctors.” Sithole denied that anyone hid Mshoza from her friends.

“We had incidents where stories were leaked and we didn’t know who was responsible. There have been people who pretended to be her friends. With regards to respecting her wishes, we had many people telling us different things.”


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