Musica Shuts Down After 29-years

Musica Shuts Down

Musica Shuts Down After 29-years

One of the country’s leading music stores, Musica has decided to pull the plug after 29 years of operations due to the ever-evolving digital markets.

According to Clicks which owns the music store, the digital market space and the current COVID-19 pandemic has since prompted the move to shut down the retail outlet;

“Musica has been operating in a declining market owing to the structural shift globally to the digital consumption of music, movies and games from the traditional physical format.

“In addition, the inevitable demise of the brand has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic which resulted in the rapid decline in foot traffic in destination malls where Musica stores are typically located.

Musica has closed 19 stores since last year and is currently trading from 59, remaining stores will be closed as leases expire over the next four months. In the stores which have been closed, Musica staff have been absorbed into the Clicks’ health and beauty store network, the company said, adding management was committed in accommodating the remaining staff within Clicks. Regardless, many are likely to be laid off even though Clicks is trying by every means to keep everyone on the payroll.

However, the close of Musica is not only unique to Clicks but many other retail shops and other companies that have had to shut down or lay off their staff due to the current COVID-19 pandemic which found it’s way when the country was already going through a recession.

Moreover, many artists in the music industry have been hard hit by the ripple effects of the pandemic as performances are not permitted during the current alert lockdown level. Although some have now resorted to online performances the returns are not that much as physical performances as many are not accustomed with having to buy a ticket and watch a performance live online.

Musica Shuts Down After 29-years


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