Unless you have been living under a big rock, you know that Rosemary has taken over the Royal house in a big way.

We have been seeing more of her than Mulimisi. She is a force to be reckoned with, and the Royals agree.

They have been hiding her from the police and some of their family members for months.
Rose became a fugitive after escaping from jail and helping Mpho kidnap Gugu.

She has been performing miracles since then, helping Masindi get over the death of her first child, walking through walls and magically disappearing with Mulimis’s belongings.

As you all know, Thifhelimbilu is currently in the middle of accusing the Royals of witchcraft and killing children as sacrifices to make Muthi.

She has been campaigning for the downfall of the Royals, setting up social media pages and inciting violence in the village.

A few days ago, she lost it at the Waterside Restaurant, telling the diners to boycott everything with a Mukwevho name.

Later that night, she was brutally attacked by Tokloshes.

She saw several little people entering the house and launched a severe attack on her; she woke up black and blue.

The thought that the Royals sent the Tokoloshe to attack her as punishment for the accusations she had been making against them, and we have to agree.

The timing is very suspicious.

Susan forced her to go and apologize to the Royals.

The Royals claimed they had nothing to do with those Tokoloshes, but we think they do, and they might not be aware.

This theory has just been justified by behind-the-scenes footage shared by Gugulethu Mzobe, the actress who plays Rosemary.

The actress shared a video where she was coordinating the stunts for the scene and thanked the Soapie for allowing her to showcase her skill.

Rosemary showed us her skill as a stunt while she was still posing as Gugu’s bodyguard. She took down Chief Azwindini with such good technique; he was not the only one she disarmed.

Is it possible that Rosemary sent the Tokoloshes to Thifhelimbilu?

After all, they had done for her; she could have done it as a favour to the Royals.

If the Royals are investigated, she could be exposed and go back to jail, and let’s be honest, Rosemary cannot afford to go back to jail at this point in her life.

She will stop anyone who attempts to mess with her freedom, even sending Tokoloshe. We know she is more than capable of doing this.

Watch the video of Rosemary coordinating the Tokoloshe scene below: