Muvhango February Spoilers: Susan and Azwindini Get Served

Fans of Muvhango are anxiously waiting for the witchcraft storyline to end…the views for January will reveal whether they’re still watching the show or not. The show loves dragging these types of storylines…

It’s gotten too far, too dark, and too scary. At this rate, KK will be stripped of everything that makes him a wealthy villain.

The Amaboys have shown us a different side of KK, he doesn’t even want his millions because he’s been publicly humiliated, lost his dignity, the woman he loves, and his son.


Mudi’s death

The Vhakwevho’s are going to want answers from KK regarding Mudi’s death. They’ll also try to take over the funeral arrangements when KK goes AWOL but Kgosi won’t stand for it.

Kgosi will offer a reward for anyone who spots KK’s and will eventually have a meltdown over his brother’s death…

Love Triangles

Marang will be out for blood now that James and Imani’s secret is out, Whilst Marang is chasing James and Imani, KK will be chasing Marang again.

James is also going to regret leaving Marang at the altar and he’ll apologize, but Marang won’t hear it because she wants revenge.

She’s going to get arrested for maliciously damaging James’s property. She’ll also team up with Vuyo to torment Imani.

It feels like the writer’s changed the Marang and James love story because Matshidiso left the show and they want to give KK a happy ending.


Another love triangle…

Mpho is going to learn about her house being sold without her permission and she’ll publicly humiliate Azwindini and Susan. She’s going to serve them with legal papers that will change their lives.

The humiliation might be a nail in the coffin to end their marriage as they’ll face being homeless. Azwindini could face jail time! 

Let’s hope Pfuluwani will save these two from their legal woes and Susan will have to swallow her pride and accept that she and Azwindini need her.

Tenda is going to have to learn to go of trying to control Mpho if he doesn’t wanna end up alone! Mpho still doesn’t know the real Tenda, as she’s still shocked by his coldness. Perhaps she’s the woman who will change him for the better; perhaps she’ll change and get colder.

Will Mpho become a single mother like Tenda’s other baby mama, Dee? Their relationship is still a bit offish!


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