Muvhango’s Vho Hangwani Ordained As Bishop At Her Church

Muvhango's Vho Hangwani

Muvhango’s Vho Hangwani Ordained As Bishop At Her Church

It seems while she furthers her acting career,Muvhango actress Connie Sibiya is also paying attention to her spiritual growth.

There’s a new bishop in church and this is not an act.

Muvhango actress, Constance Sibiya is now officially a woman of the cloth.

Muvhango's Vho Hangwani

Connie Sibiya, as she is often referred to, is known on Muvhango as Vho-Hangwani and Rendani’s mom.

Muvhango social media account took to announce Constance’s Sibiya’s latest achievements, as she was ordained as a Bishop in her Christ Centre Episcopal church.

The Christ Centre Episcopal church was founded in 1983 by her husband Abraham Sibiya.

It’s not everyday that women are ordained to assume the role of church leaders.

Muvhango's Vho Hangwani
Muvhango’s Vho Hangwani Ordained As Bishop At Her Church

In the past and in traditional churches , it is always the men who do the leading and talking, women are more like the supporting cast.

However Connie Sibiya is leading the way and showing all the women who want to do the Lord’s work how it’s really done.

The Muvhango social media account announced the good news saying

On December 12, 2020 #Muvhango actress, Constance S. Sibiya or as you affectionately know her Vho-Hangwani was appointed to the Episcopal Office of Bishop.

Congratulations Bishop Elect Constance S. Sibiya

While on Muvhango, the actress plays a woman in a polygamous marriage however Connie Sibiya does not support polygamy.

Although she is pretty much a natural at her maternal role, the actress said it was challenging to take on the role of Vho Hangwani, as she was camera shy and also had to get in character but the Muvhango showrunners were patient with her and helped her grow as an actress.

“Coming in the acting industry so late in my years posed some challenges as there was already a high standard set by people of my age. I had to be attentive to directors in order to sharpen my skills,” she said.

Constance Sibiya is a mother of 5 and she has been married to her husband Abraham Sibiya for 6 years.


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