List Of Mzansi Actresses Fired For Falling Pregnant

Mzansi Actresses Fired For Falling Pregnant

Mzansi Actresses Fired For Falling Pregnant

While the popular view says children are a blessing from God, in the cutthroat entertainment industry, particularly film industry, falling pregnant is at times deemed a result on of indiscipline or recklessness.

Numerous Mzansi actresses were reportedly shown the exit door after falling pregnant at an inconvenient or rather inappropriate time for producers.

Whilst the lucky ones had their bulging tummies wedged into the storyline some were even advised to take the abortion route.

These are some of Mzansi soapie actresses who lost employment after falling pregnant.

1. Sphelele Mzimela

Mzansi Actresses Fired For Falling Pregnant

Sphelele Mzimela who played the role of Mazaza on South Africa’s most-watched drama series Uzalo was allegedly shown the door after the show’s producers discovered that she was pregnant. Insiders told Sunday World that the producers of the show became angry at Mazaza for getting pregnant at a crucial time for her character on the show.

Mzimela who had joined Uzalo last year after she left Mzansi Magic’s Isibaya, where she was playing the role of Kentucky was replaced on the show by Mpume Ngwenyg, who was assigned to play Mzimela.

2. Manaka Ranaka

Mzansi Actresses Fired For Falling Pregnant

Manaka Ranaka: Veteran actress Manaka Ranaka who portrays the role of the tough but kind Lucy Diale on Generations: The Legacy, recently revealed that she was fired from a job because she refused to abort her pregnancy.

Manaka Ranaka revealed that at the time she got pregnant with her daughter who is now 20, the women who she worked foretold her to abort the pregnancy.

The actress refused to do so and was fired as a result.

“I remember when women I worked fortold me to abort you and I was like la hlanyl, they fired me! Honestly, I didn’t care, coz I was so determined to keep you and enterthe next chapter in my life and that was _rang a mom (Lauren Hill’s song Zion kept me going when I felt that the world was against us). I was ready man, .as young as they said I was, I was ready for you, and its been quiet a journey baby.”

3. Keke Mphuthi

Mzansi Actresses Fired For Falling Pregnant

Keke Mphuthi: Mzansi actress Keke Mphuthi who played the role of Princess Dipuo on The Throne alleged that she was fired by Ferguson Films from the show for falling pregnant.

Keke went on to say that she almost lost her child due to the stress caused by the production house which is owned by Shona and Connie Ferguson. She even alleged that the company attempted to blacklist her.

The actress tweeted,

“…y’all don’t even know half the trauma I went through because of the Ferguson’s, because I was pregnant and even before then I was earning below minimum on two PRODUCTIONS I PLAYED LEAD ON?? then I find out they trying to get me blacklisted,”

However, the Fergusons furiously denied the allegations and labelled Keke’s allegations slanderous and false.

4. Gabisile Tshabalala

Mzansi Actresses Fired For Falling Pregnant

Gabisile Tshabalala: Actress and media personality Gabisile Tshabalala who played the role of Gontse on soapie Scandal! alleged that she had been fired from the show because she fell pregnant. Gabisilie has since become a strong advocate fighting against workplace discrimination for pregnant women, especially those working in the entertainment industry.


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