Social Media Abuzz as Gauteng Woman is Sentenced to Three Life Terms for Killing Son and Two Lovers

Mzansi is abuzz with reactions following the exposure of a Gauteng woman’s shocking murder spree.

Pamela Ncumisa Selani killed her two lovers and her own son and buried them all in the same grave.

The Pretoria High Court has sentenced Pamela Ncumisa Selani, to three life terms in prison for the murders of her son and two lovers.

In addition to these sentences, she received an extra five years for obstructing justice.

Her murder case has attracted widespread attention on social media, sparking conversations across Mzansi.

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A Gruesome Series of Events

The court proceedings revealed a disturbing timeline of events beginning in 2016.

According to Zimoja, Selani, a resident of Olievenhoutbosch, had a tumultuous relationship with her then-partner, Michael Changisa, a Malawian national.


Social Media Abuzz as Gauteng Woman is Sentenced to Three Life Terms for Killing Son and Two Lovers
Social Media Abuzz as Gauteng Woman is Sentenced to Three Life Terms for Killing Son and Two Lovers (Image Credit: X)

After discovering that Changisa had infected her with HIV, Selani conspired with her other boyfriend, Gift, also a Malawian, to kill Changisa.

According to Lumka Mahanjana, spokesperson for the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), Selani and Gift executed their plan one night. Gift hid in the bathroom of Selani’s home and, once Changisa fell asleep, emerged and repeatedly struck him on the head with a hammer, in full view of Selani’s two minor children. They then buried Changisa in Selani’s yard and continued to live together in the house.

The Second Murder

In 2017, tensions rose between Selani and Gift. Selani, along with her 17-year-old son Avile Jonjwana, decided to kill Gift, who was reportedly abusive. They poisoned him and drowned him in water, subsequently burying his body in a shallow grave atop Changisa’s remains.

Following this murder, Avile began to demand money from his mother, threatening to expose her crimes. After an altercation where Avile chased Selani and her younger sibling out of the house, they sought refuge with Selani’s third boyfriend. Upon returning home the next night, Selani took drastic measures to silence her son. She enlisted the help of her minor son to unlock the door, then used a hammer to kill Avile while he slept, burying him with the other two bodies.

The Unraveling of the Crimes

On August 4, 2020, Selani took her 14-year-old son to a traditional healer due to his ill health. During the consultation, the boy confided in the healer about the murders. The healer, under the pretense of seeking additional help, alerted a community leader who then informed the police. Selani and her son were arrested upon returning home from the consultation. The charges against the younger son were later withdrawn, and he became a state witness.

Social Media Reacts

The shocking details of Pamela Ncumisa Selani’s murder case have ignited a firestorm on social media. Users across Mzansi are expressing their disbelief and horror, with many calling for her to be sentenced to death.


Why kanti do they have to arrest her ? She should be killed nje


She is such a vile human being… haibo


I can’t believe we live with people who can do such, I need to hear her reason for this. just to see if I can understand what would push a human to do such.


This one Should be Featured in The Episode of Deadly Women ⚡…What kind of evil is this???

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