Nkululeko Dlamini TV appearanceNkululeko Dlamini TV appearance (Image Credit: iReport South Africa/Daily Sun)

Former soccer star Nkululeko Dlamini has set social media abuzz with his unexpected TV appearance.

Nkululeko Dlamini who has been making headlines because of his big ‘Nyash,’ recently appeared on SABC Sports TV. His appearance on TV generated a viral sensation, capturing the attention of netizens far and wide.

From Soccer Star to Squats Sensation

Formerly a celebrated player for Jomo Cosmos, Nkululeko Dlamini has seamlessly transitioned from the soccer field to a different kind of stardom. Specializing in helping individuals achieve fuller derrières through targeted squat exercises, Dlamini’s expertise in this unique niche has earned him the illustrious title of the ‘King of Squats.’

The Viral Video That Started It All

The catalyst for this social media frenzy was a recent video clip featuring Dlamini doing some squats. Initially, viewers were left astonished, assuming they were watching a woman perform squats due to the person’s silhouette. However, as the camera angle shifted, the shocking revelation of Nkululeko Dlamini’s colossal Nyash took center stage, leaving the internet buzzing with amazement.

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Mzansi Buzzes as ‘King of Squats’ Nkululeko Dlamini Features On SABC Sport TV

Dlamini’s journey from soccer stardom to an online sensation underscores the unpredictable nature of internet fame.

Mzansi Goes in a Frenzy as 'King of Squats' Nkululeko Dlamini Features On SABC Sport TV
Mzansi Goes in a Frenzy as ‘King of Squats’ Nkululeko Dlamini Features On SABC Sports TV (Image Credit: X @RealMrumaDrive)

His recent appearance on SABC Sports and subsequent circulation of pictures from the show ignited a wildfire of reactions on social media. Some hail him as a trailblazer, the first person to gain fame for their Nyash.

Check out some of the reactions;


and just like that, he’s on tv because of followers 😃. Buh I think growing such bum is a talent 😶


The first man in the world to gain fame because of nyash. South Africa’s nyash is in a league of its own…🤭


It’s easy to be famous in Southy😂😂😂😂


His glutes made him famous..


Simply squatting talent has taken him to a new stage

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