Fikile Mbalula Musa khawulaFrom left: Nozuko Mbalula and her husband Fikile Mbalula (Image: News24)

Mzansi Laughs as Fikile Mbalula’s Wife May Secure R1 Million from Musa Khawula in Defamation Suit

South Africans have reacted with humour following the news that Fikile Mbalula’s wife, Nozuko Mbalula, may be awarded R1 million in a defamation lawsuit against popular gossip monger Musa Khawula

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Nozuko Mbalula’s Legal Victory

Nozuko Mbalula recently secured an interdict against social media influencer Musa Khawula, who is now barred from spreading defamatory allegations about her involvement in massive fraud and corruption.

On Thursday, the Johannesburg High Court ruled that Khawula’s claims about Nozuko Mbalula and Michelle Perrow were defamatory and false. On May 8, Khawula posted on his X account alleging that Nozuko and Perrow were involved in a R150 million fraud and corruption scandal.

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Court Ruling and Orders

Judge Nicolene Janse van Nieuwenhuizen declared Khawula’s publication of the statement unlawful and liable for damages to both parties. Khawula was ordered to retract the statement within 48 hours from all media platforms by deleting the thread of statements.

Additionally, Khawula was forbidden from conducting any interviews or posting statements on X or any other social media platforms implying that Nozuko and Perrow were involved in fraud and corruption.

The court referred the quantification of damages to oral evidence and ordered Khawula to pay Mbalula and Perrow’s legal costs, including the costs of two counsels.

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Mzansi Laughs as Fikile Mbalula’s Wife Sues Musa Khawula

After the news broke that Nozuko Mbalula could receive R1 million in the defamation lawsuit, South Africans on X reacted with hilarity. Some questioned how she could sue someone who reportedly has only one shirt to their name. Here are some of the hilarious reactions:


😂😂😂How do you sue someone with 1 shirt?


Suing someone who doesn’t even have a vest??? nasty business 😭


Lol as Musa said if you sue him you will get his pink couch, thats if he still has it🤣🤣🤣


Good luck getting R1000 sana. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even buy himself the Amstel he drinks kwi show yakhe

By Tayana