Mzansi Men Defend Duduzile Zuma After Her Raunchy Picture Is Leaked on Social MediaMzansi Men Defend Duduzile Zuma After Her Raunchy Picture Is Leaked on Social Media (Image Credit: X)

Mzansi Men Defend Duduzile Zuma After Her Raunchy Picture Is Leaked on Social Media

South African men have come to the defence of Jacob Zuma’s daughter, Duduzile, after her raunchy picture was leaked on social media.

Duduzile Zuma has been trending on social media since yesterday, ever since a picture of her getting sworn in emerged. The photo turned heads and left Mzansi men admiring her beauty.

However, her recent appointment as a Member of Parliament has not been well-received by everyone, stirring controversy among some people.

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Dudu Zuma Sworn in as Member of Parliament

Taking to X, Duduzile Zuma posted a beautiful picture of herself before being sworn in as a Member of Parliament. In the caption, she expressed her joy at the occasion.

“I Am So Proud To Be Ushering In The Next Generation Of The Zuma Family Into Parliament …

Put Some Respect On My Name … Honourable Dudu Zuma-Sambudla !!!”

Jacob Zuma’s Daughter Duduzile Faces Backlash Over Parliament Appointment

A social media user identified as @Ofs5B took a jab at Duduzile Zuma by posting an old, raunchy picture of her, seemingly in an attempt to discredit her. Captioning the picture, the user wrote:

honourable” ya masepa.”

Check out the pic here

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Netizens Slam Attempts to Discredit Duduzile Zuma’s Parliamentary Role With Old Raunchy Photo

Reacting to @Ofs5B’s post, social media users lambasted her for posting Duduzile’s raunchy picture. Netizens slammed her for trying to bring Dudu Zuma down, arguing that it was just an old picture and there was nothing offensive about it. They opined that, at the end of the day, she is an honourable member of Parliament.

Here are some of the reactions;


Oksalayo, she is more beautiful than you. U are jealous.


Okusalayo She an Honorable Member and everyone in Paliarment will address as such. Wena o tlo imela ke purapura yeo go fihlela 🤣🤣🤣


What do you find offensive in this picture or it is just hate🤔…This is so low even for you.


What is not honorable about this?

Osetlaela wena.


You don’t have the right to say that because her past has nothing to do with the future..


Remind yourself that everyone has a past, and that no one is perfect. Right now she’s honourable😊.

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