Nadia Nakai Believes She Triggered  Cassper Nyovest-AKA Beef

Cassper Nyovest-AKA Beef

Nadia Nakai Believes She Triggered  Cassper Nyovest-AKA Beef

Numerous theories have been created to explain how South African hip hop megastars, Cassper Nyovest and AKA started beefing.

 Cassper Nyovest-AKA Beef
Nadia Nakai Believes She Triggered  Cassper Nyovest-AKA Beef

It is still difficult for music fans to comprehend how these once close friends started feuding but a recent interview featuring Nadai Nakai may just explain why the two had a fallout.

The “Bragga” rapper decided to put things into perspective and explain how she caused Mufasa and Mega to start beefing.

In an interview with rapper Khuli Chana on his talk show on The Originators on Trace channel, Nadia said that she believes she is the one who came between the two former friends.

Elaborating on her theory, the rapper said that back in 2015 AKA, real name Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, released a remix of his hit song ‘Baddest’. On the remix, AKA featured the hottest female rappers such as Rouge, Fifi Cooper, Nomuzi Mabhena and Gigi Lamayne. Curiously, despite being a powerhouse in her own right, Nadia was not featured.

Nadia believes that AKA did not feature her as a deliberate slight and to prove some kind of point.

“When AKA released the Baddest Remix with all the female Emcees that made Cassper & TLee more drawn to work with me because they felt I was left out on purpose,”

Cassper also interpreted AKA’s move in the same way and sided with Nadia, causing the friction and beef which have engulfed the former friends ever since.

Cassper Nyovest-AKA Beef
Nadia Nakai

Earlier on this year, AKA spoke about the issue although he attributed the beef to a sense of competition.

“We was friends man, he even came to my crib, I even made Sunday lunch for the dude.”

“Competition, when you’re in the same space. Hip-hop brews that… you know how these things start mehn. Ultimately it was really about ‘yo, we finna be the doggs and there’s not enough space for the both of us’. I don’t even think there is a reason.”

Cassper, on the other hand, has made it clear that he does not like AKA. Speaking to Texx And The City, Cassper said

“I don’t like that guy man.

“You’ll never see anyone in the industry confront him because they’re scared and I think I’m the only one who can tell him you know what, you’re not who you think you are, you’re a small boy.”

Seems like this beef may carry on for a while longer.

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