Nasty C and Chris Brown-Image Source(Instagram)Nasty C and Chris Brown-Image Source(Instagram)

South African rapper Nasty C met American singer Chris Brown in person for the first time in London. The two are meeting for the first time after Nasty C got signed to the American musician’s label.

This has caused excitement among their fans. Nasty C shared a photo of the two musicians on his Instagram account, captioning it, “Meet your idols.”

Nasty C and Chris Brown-Image Source(Instagram)
Nasty C and Chris Brown-Image Source(Instagram)

Fans have been speculating about a possible collaboration between the two artists, known for their popular songs and massive followings. Nasty C has been going hard in international circles for the past months since he announced that he will release his album this year.

Nasty C gets to meet Chris Brown Finally.

The album has promised to collaborate with some artists from every part of the world. Nasty C also signed a million rand deal with Call of Duty as their brand ambassador when they launched their game in Africa.

This meeting comes two months after Chris Brown shared a video of Nasty C’s freestyle performance on his Instagram stories. Chris gushed over the younger rapper, saying:

Bro whaaat? (and this freestyle’s almost ag 500K on OTR YouTube channel),” he exclaimed.

Nasty C and Chris Brown-Image Source(Instagram)
Nasty C and Chris Brown-Image Source(Instagram)

Nasty C was thrilled when Brown approved of his performance, and he expressed his excitement on Instagram.

Other International artists Nasty C has met.

A few months ago, Nasty C was in the headlines after a picture of him, and Wale made rounds on the internet. This made his fans speculate a collaboration between the two in his upcoming album.  On top of that, Nasty C got to rub shoulders with the rich and famous when he was a performer at the MTV Europe Music Awards last year.

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