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Nhlanhla Lux’s Allegations Of House Bombing Fizzle Out As Social Media Users Mock And Criticize Him

Former Operation Dudula leader Nhlanhla “Lux” Dlamini has faced criticism on social media following claims of a bombing at his house.

Lux made headlines after he accused Julius Malema and the EFF of bombing his luxurious mansion in Pimville, Soweto during the national shutdown.

According to Lux, there were eight people present in his residence at the time of the alleged bomb explosion.

He went on to assert that the EFF was responsible for the bombing, resulting in the death of his entire family.

“My house just got hit with two bombs, all my neighbour’s windows are shattered imagine my house.

We beat the EFF at their own game on the streets by defending Soweto brilliantly with the all law enforcement on our side.

So they bomb & kill my entire family because they lost💔

Social Media Users Respond To Nhlanhla “Lux” Dlamini’s Alleged House Bombing

Social media users have scrutinized Nhlanhla Lux’s claims of a house bombing, with many Twitter users poking holes in his story.

Some tweeps have accused the former Operation Dudula leader of being dishonest about the incident.

Following an examination of the available evidence, many Twitter users have concluded that Nhlanhla Lux fabricated the bombing incident to make it seem like the EFF had attempted to bomb and murder his entire family while also diverting attention away from the national shutdown.

Some tweeps have even compared Lux to Nota Baloyi for telling untruths without any apparent motive.


Meet Nhlanhla Lux, the only human alive to have lost his “entire family” through bombing but he ignored all of that instead he went out to protect his township.

Somehow only window glasses were broken and fell on the outside which means the bomber was bombing from inside.


Even the dstv board survived the explosion 💥..! The commissioner must come and explain the evidence he gathered at Lux’s home ..! He was quoted saying commercial explosives 🧨 used in mines were used Even the lawn is still intact.! Lux must be charged for faking the explosion 💥


This one must be arrested for defeating the ends of justice, you could tell during his conversation with the police minister that, he was lying.

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