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Controversial music producer Nota Baloyi’s estranged wife Berita has made a decision to go back to school after her divorce. With a career in music as well as living in the spotlight, she has prioritised her school work.

Singer Berita goes back to school

Songstress Berita, formerly known as Gugulethu Khumalo, has made a significant decision to prioritize her education alongside her music career. Opting for a return to the academic realm, she has embarked on a journey to enhance her knowledge in business.

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Sharing insights into her educational pursuit, Berita recently documented her experiences in a vlog, offering viewers a glimpse into her life as a student at a prominent business school. Through engaging content on her Instagram profile, she expressed her commitment to building a brighter future, even if it means sacrificing some of her leisure time.


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Encouragement and support poured in from Berita’s dedicated fan base as they rallied behind her decision to pursue further studies. Messages of well-wishes and admiration flooded her social media channels, highlighting the collective excitement for this new chapter in her life.

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Fans Show Support for Berita’s Decision

Among the sea of supportive comments, users took to Instagram to express their encouragement for Berita. Below are some of the many comments on her post:


Love it for you! Your Syndicate will be your second family from now on


Love it for you! Your Syndicate will be your second family from now on


Good Luck Berita -Congratulations
Ahhh this is so dope!!! Shout out to you!!

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