Ntsiki Mazwai ToplessNtsiki Mazwai (Images: iHarare/TshisaLive)

Ntsiki Mazwai Breaks the Internet with Jaw-Dropping Topless Beach Photo

Prominent South African poet and activist Ntsiki Mazwai is well-known for stirring up controversy, and she often chooses X (formerly Twitter) as her preferred platform to do so. However, this time she took a different approach to grab attention. Instead of sharing provocative opinions, she posted a photo of herself on the beach, proudly displaying her bare chest.

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A Bold Beach Statement: Ntsiki Mazwai Goes Topless in New Photo

Unsurprisingly, the picture created a buzz on the app, prompting numerous people to flock to the comment section seeking an explanation from Mazwai.

However, there were those who applauded her for her bold and liberal approach.

At 34, Ntsiki Mazwai is a staunch advocate for women’s empowerment and breaking gender stereotypes.

She consistently uses her voice to address critical issues affecting women, such as rape, sexual abuse, and various forms of mistreatment, establishing herself as a prominent activist on social media.

On Saturday, she reaffirmed her stance on women’s freedom by sharing a topless photo of herself on X. The picture, accompanied by the caption “African Artifact…”

You can view her post here.

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Mixed Reactions and Thought-Provoking Commentary

Predictably, the post went viral, triggering various reactions in the comment section.

While a significant portion of the replies consisted of inappropriate remarks from men, there were also individuals who commended Mazwai for her progressive attitude and viewed it as a call to end the sexual objectification of women in society.

Conversely, there were critics attempting to draw attention by slamming the post. Here are some of the comments:


Not a long time ago, senior citizens / pensioners like yourself used to dress properly and were good role models for the youngsters!


They criticize it because you didn’t put on make up to fake yourself, they don’t appreciate genuinity 🤞


Yaz I love how free you are. The other day I was asking my self, when did I last walk outside naked? How God intended in the beginning. This is being free


Nature is complementing the natural you my sister. 💕


Love, appreciate yourself my sister. Just be you


By Tayana