Old Mutual Withdraws MacG Podcast Sponsorship

Old Mutual MacG Podcast

Old Mutual Withdraws MacG Podcast Sponsorship

Last night’s backlash and Twitter fury over MacG paid off for netizens who felt offended by latest episode of Podcast and Chill with MacG.

He has been dropped from sponsorship by South Africa’s biggest insurance giant, Old Mutual over derogatory word used to describe transgender people.

Twitter people made a fuss out of his comments between him and co-host Sol Phendula.

“let’s talk about the transphobia and queer violence on your latest episode @MacGUnleashed,” one user started the conversation.


On the shared video, two hosts can be heard debunking some allegations levelled against celebrities who are said to have been in relationships with members of the LGBTQ+ community.

In describing transgender people, MacG used the word ‘Shemale’ to describe a female with male sex organs.

And this did not go down with masses, especially the LGBTQ+ community who took offense over the comments.

Today morning, Old mutual, one of MacG’s podcast sponsors took a decision to terminate their relationship with him.

In a statement, Old Mutual says they made the decision to distance themselves from these harmful commentaries as a way to educate masses and to ensure everyone’s rights were protected.

Full statement below;

Old Mutual Holding Statement MacG’s podcast in reference to the LGBTQ+ community

Old Mutual has seen the discussion that took place on MacG’s podcast. As a responsible business that respects the rights of everyone, we have decided to terminate the relationship with MacG, with immediate effect. We distance ourselves from the harmful commentary against the LGBTQ+ community and humanity at large.

To say the least, MacG’s commentary was both ignorant and insensitive, clearly showing that much education needs to happen, especially in a country where people continue to be ostracized, killed, abused and rapped for being who they are.

As a country, it is our duty to educate ourselves and hold each other accountable, to ensure that everyone’s rights are protected


Old Mutual Withdraws MacG Podcast Sponsorship

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