Thabo Bester ID revealed

Pic| Thabo Bester’s ID Revealed 

Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has officially stated that Thabo Bester was issued a birth certificate and an ID document during his time of incarceration at Kgosi Mampuru prison.

The convicted criminal, currently facing charges for escape, managed to avoid being registered in the system until recently. Throughout his criminal activities, which include offenses such as rape, murder, and fraud, he adopted multiple aliases.


During a media briefing, Minister Aaron Motsoaledi presented copies of Thabo Bester’s documents, which included his birth certificate and ID document.

The South African reports that minister informed the public that Bester had given permission for the documents to be shown in the public domain.


It has been discovered that Thabo Bester’s mother, Maria Mabaso, did not register his birth with the Department of Home Affairs after he was born in 1986.

Furthermore, Bester himself neglected to apply for an identity document after reaching the age of 18.

Upon his arrest in April, National Police General Fannie Masemola confirmed that Bester’s identity was established through his fingerprints.


To safeguard Thabo Bester’s identity, the Home Affairs Minister explained that a portion of his ID number had been deliberately obscured or blurred. This measure was taken to ensure privacy and prevent potential misuse of his personal information.

He said:

“For security reasons, we obliterated some numbers here. …

“Because it identifies a person, and we do not think it is fair to show anybody’s identity number in public.”

Thabo Bester’s identity has been questioned with some people arguing that the man who is currently incarcerated at Kgosi Mampuru prison in Pretoria might be an imposter.

The minister of Home Affairs has since addressed this question adding that DNA tests were conducted when Bester was arrested.

He said the man incarcerated at Kgosi Mampuru prison in Pretoria is the “real” Thabo Bester.

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