Pics: Meet Isibaya’s Lillian Real-Life Daughter

Isibaya’s Lillian Real-Life Daughter

Pics: Meet Isibaya’s Lillian Real-Life Daughter

She is versatile, she is dynamic, she is talented and above all, she is the epitome of a complete actress.

Whichever role film producers have tossed at her, Linda Sebezo has always managed to bring it down like an avalanche. Sebezo is just a complete package.

Isibaya’s Lillian Real-Life Daughter
Actress Linda Sebezo

We know Linda Sebezo as Maki Magwaza on hit TV drama Lockdown and as Lillian Nyandeni on Isibaya.

She has been in the acting industry for 38 years and in those years she has managed to portray over 40 characters.

That’s pretty impressive.

Linda Sebezo describes acting as cooking saying

Acting is like cooking. The food you cook should taste good before you serve it to people.”

Linda Sebezo is also a single mom and has two lovely kids.

She’s always serving mom and daughter goals with her daughter Thandi, whom she calls her princess.

Isibaya’s Lillian Real-Life Daughter
Meet Isibaya’s Lillian Real-Life Daughter

Her daughter, Thandi, also wants to become an actress and currently owns a hair selling business.

Some time ago she shared a photo of her and Thandi having quality time together at the spa.

Isibaya’s Lillian Real-Life Daughter

Linda Sebezo has opened up on her character Lillian Nyandeni on Isibaya saying.

Lillian is a loving and protective mother who comes from an abusive relationship and doesn’t want her only daughter to go through the same ordeal.”

Initially her parents didn’t want Linda to act but when her father saw her perform in one of the late playwright Gibson Kente’s plays, he told her to go for it.

“My parents wanted me to be a nurse because they felt that there is no money in showbiz and they somehow equated it to prostitution. But when my father first saw me perform, he cried and admitted that I had talent for this,” she said


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