Pics: Muvhango’s Simphiwe Ngema And Her Mom Twinning

Muvhango's Simphiwe Ngema

Pics: Muvhango’s Simphiwe Ngema And Her Mom Twinning

Former Muvhango actress, Simphiwe Ngema is a testimony that if the mother and daughter relationship is done right, it shines bright.

Muvhango's Simphiwe Ngema
Muvhango’s Simphiwe Ngema And Her Mom Twinning

Simphiwe Ngema, who is known for her role as Thuli Nkosi in Muvhango and Buhle on The Queen says her mother Ethel Ngema is her pillar of strength.

The actress who went through a tragic loss after her husband, Dumi Masilela was murdered in cold blood, has managed to find love again and start a family.

She and her partner Tino Chinyani now have a baby boy, whose pregnancy and birth they kept private until he was born.

When Simz, as she is affectionately known and Tino splashed their pregnancy photos, the baby was already born, alive and kicking.

Through it all her mom, Ethel Ngema has been very supportive of her.

Muvhango's Simphiwe Ngema

Simz once described her relationship with her mama as a strong and easy one, saying they can talk about anything.

“As early as I can remember, my mother has always been open with my sisters and I. We were allowed to talk about anything and everything, she would encourage and compliment us every chance she got. She also never held back at giving advice”

Simphiwe Ngema and her mom also love twinning together, they sometimes rock the same outfits, have a dozen selfies, go shopping, go to the spa and have beauty treatments together.

Muvhango's Simphiwe Ngema

Ethel Ngema is a motivational speaker, founder of CIL Ministry and a strong advocate for women’s rights.

Simz’s mom also revealed that she gets hurt when she sees fake news about her daughter, slandering in the tabloids and people who make accounts impersonating her.

Ethel Ngema revealed the secret to her and Simphiwe’s bond, saying the key to their relationship is communication and trust.

 As a mother, I have always led by example in terms of speaking up about things in my heart, good or bad, no matter how difficult it may be, it always helps. Trust is also very important, from a young age, I allowed my children to make decisions for their lives and I supported those decisions.


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