Minister Gayton McKenzie ExercisingGayton McKenzie Starts Exercising After Becoming Sports Minister [Image: @GaytonMcK/X]

Gayton McKenzie, arguably the most popular minister now, has tickled people online by beginning to exercise after becoming a sports minister.


From The Jail Cell To Cabinet

Gayton McKenzie, who lost most of his youthful days when he spent several years in jail, has a beautiful story. As a teenager, he was immersed in the gang life and started doing robberies.

His luck ran out, and he was arrested after getting sold out following one fateful robbery. The judge slapped him with a 17-year jail sentence, but he left earlier after advocating for prison reform while behind bars and exposing the rot inside.

No wonder after Gayton’s swearing-in earlier this week, when Chief Justice Raymond Zondo told him to sit, he joked that the last time a judge told him to sit, he ended up spending ten years sitting, much to the laughter of fellow ministers and President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Despite desperately itching for the Department of Home Affairs, the President appointed him Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture.

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Gayton McKenzie Starts Exercising After Becoming Sports Minister

Minister Gayton McKenzie Exercising
Gayton McKenzie Starts Exercising After Becoming Sports Minister [Image: @OnsBaizaNie/@GaytonMcK/X]


After his appointment, he posted a picture of himself donning sports gear and football boots. After carefully assessing his fitness, Gayton has decided to shed a few kilos for the sports job.

Earlier this morning, Gayton McKenzie went for a morning run to get healthier and be fit. As the minister jogged, he took a video, which he shared on his social media, and he told his followers:

“I allowed plumpness to enter me; I am evicting it. Don’t let yourself go 🥲Have you run today? Let go, South Africans, I will be doing my first marathon in a month 🤞🏽”



People online enjoyed seeing Gayton McKenzie exercising after becoming the Minister of Sports.


“A happy person, njee.”


“On Monday, I’m joining you, Sir!”


“Whenever you feel tired, just imagine the police chasing you in your youth.”


“I’m happy you are taking your office very seriously.”


“Let’s go! 👊 You are a role model for all other politicians. I look forward to seeing you change lives through your actions.”

By Rumpel